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e-Maritime Survey 

You can participate in shaping the EU e-Maritime initiative by sending your views to comments@e-maritime.eu

Some key questions are:

1.    Are the definition and the objectives clear and comprehensive?;

2.    Which are the applications that should be addressed by the e-Maritime initiative to provide practical benefits?;

3.    What are the challenges and practicalities from the actual business environment and the day to day work situation;

4.    What could be important drivers for change?

5.    How relevant is e-Maritime to the strategies of ports, ship operators, logistics service providers, shippers, authorities and other stakeholders?

6.    How could we establish a better understanding of the different practices between and across EU states?

For further information you could contact:
The EU e-Maritime initiative
Christos Pipitsoulis
Maritime Transport Policy
DG Energy and Transport
European Commission



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