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An introduction to the EU e-Maritime Initiative

The Commission announced in its Mid-term Review White paper on Transport Policy that will propose measures for the implementation of e-Maritime systems in 2009. This announcement was repeated in the European Agenda for Freight Logistics - October 2007. In the context of the digital economy, e-Maritime can be seen as the application of e-government and e-business developments in the maritime transport sector.

Differentiating curent e-Maritime practices from the DGTREN e-Maritime initiative the following definitions are proposed:

   - “e-Maritime” stands for internet based interactions between the different stakeholders in the maritime sector.

   -  The EU e-Maritime initiative embodies a set of policies, strategies and capabilities facilitating the development of "e-Maritime” in support of an efficient and sustainable waterborne transport system throughout Europe, fully integrated within the transport logistic chains. 

The key objectives are:

1.     Improving the  safety and security of maritime transport services and assets and environmental protection.

2.     Increasing  the competitiveness of the EU maritime transport industry.

3.     Supporting competence development and working conditions  for seafarers.  

On the 21st January 2009, the Commission adopted two communications that shapes the requirements for the e-maritime initiative: 

·         the EU Maritime Transport Strategy 2018 {COM(2009) 8}

·         the establishment of the European Maritime Space without barriers (including a legislative proposal) {COM(2009) 11}

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